[Bioperl-l] GSoC 2010

Anil Lal anil_m_lal at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 14:24:34 EDT 2010


I am a mid career software programmer and now transitioning in bioinformatics.  I always had great interest in bioinformatics and only now am able to make a move to take classes.  I am currently enrolled in University of santa cruz extension classes.  I am very interested in GSoC 2010 and have identified potentially these two projects.Lightweight Sequence objects and Lazy Parsing mentored by Chris Fields and Perl Run Wrappers for External Programs in a Flash mentored by Mark Jenson.

Please let me know if these projects are still available.  If yes, I will send in my application with more details

Thanks a lot for your help.  I would be exciting to work in Bio Perl and contribute.



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