[Bioperl-l] IPC/Run.pm?

T D td8pub at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 13:28:07 EDT 2010


I'm new to BioPerl and Perl in general, and I'm trying to get
StandAloneBlastPlus to run. I got the latest versions using git and
downloaded bioperl-live  and bioperl-run.  I am having issues with Perl not
finding modules. Here is my error:

Can't locate IPC/Run.pm in @INC

Where is this module located? I am running Windows 7. I did a search for the
Run.pm and could only find IPC/*Run3.pm* under my Perl installation. Is
Run.pm the older version? I have Perl v5.12.1 installed.

Thanks in advance!

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