[Bioperl-l] can't install bioperl 1.6.1

Andrea Edwards edwardsa at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Oct 25 12:33:21 EDT 2010


I can't install Bioperl 1.6.1 on windows using Active Perl

I have added the repositories as mentioned in the user guide but get 
this error message

“ERROR: File conflict for 'C:/Perl/html/bin/bp_aacomp.html'.The package 
BioPerl has already installed a file that package bioperl wants to install.”

I have seen a forum thread which says the problem is due to the 
trouchelle repository.


I did remove the trouchelle repository as suggested and bioperl 1.6.1 
does seem to have installed but I don't know enough about Perl to know 
if it will have installed correctly by removing this repository.

I installed BioPerl 1.6 successfully on a different PC running 
ActivePerl without needing to remove the trouchelle so I 'm 
not sure what to think.

Many thanks

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