[Bioperl-l] Bio::SeqFeature::Generic and Inheritance Question

Daniel Standage daniel.standage at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 22:45:24 EDT 2010

I am using the Bio::Tools::GFF parser to process and store GFF3 data
in an application. Calls to next_feature() return
Bio::SeqFeature::Generic objects. I have written a class that extends
the Bio::SeqFeature::Generic class, but I still want to use the
Bio::Tools::GFF class to do the initial parsing of the data.

Is there a way for me to tell the Bio::Tools::GFF parser that I want
it to give me objects from my custom class? Or should I just re-bless
the objects it gives me? Will I run into garbage collection problems
if I re-bless the Bio::SeqFeature::Generic objects to my custom class
(that extends the Bio::SeqFeature::Generic class)?



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