[Bioperl-l] Client-side Scansite Bioperl module

Jonathan Rameseder johnny at mit.edu
Sat Sep 4 11:40:37 EDT 2010

hi guys

it seems Bioperl contains a wrapper [1] for Scansite [2]. in what extent would it make sense to integrate a client-sided version of Scansite with some statistical analysis features (eg enrichment tests) in Bioperl? that would give users the opportunity to customize their own version of the Scansite algorithm. i developed an object-oriented client-sided version and am currently writing test cases.  maybe it could be integrated with the server wrapper somehow? please let me know what you think :-D!

best wishes

[1] Bio::Tools::Analysis::Protein::Scansite
[2] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11283593

Jonathan Rameseder
Ph.D. Candidate
Computational Systems Biology Initiative
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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