[Bioperl-l] Another interesting Javascript library

Stefan Kirov stefan.kirov at bms.com
Wed Sep 8 11:09:55 EDT 2010

    Sorry for off topic, but I believe a lot of people can
    find this quite useful:

        "CanvasXpress is a javascript library based on the
        <canvas> tag implemented in HTML5. I developed this
        library as the core visualization component for our
        BMS systems biology platform which I hope to release
        soon. The basic idea was to have generic and simple
        way to display genomics data. CanvasXpress supports
        bar graphs, line graphs, bar-line combination
        graphs, boxplots, dotplots, area graphs, stacked
        graphs, percentage-stacked graphs, correlation
        plots, Venn diagrams, heatmaps, newick trees,
        2D-scatter plots, 2D-scatter bubble plots,
        3D-scatter plots, pie charts, networks (or
        pathways), and a genome browser. It also supports a
        few data transformations like log and exponential
        transformation, z-score, percentile transformation
        and ratio. It also support grouping of samples,
        zooming, events ... yada, yada, yada ... and more
        importantly I created an Ext panel for it. Take a look.



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