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Hi Stefan,

> http://search.cpan.org/~birney/bioperl-1.2.3/Bio/Tools/Tmhmm.pm : 
> use Bio::Tools::Tmhmm; 
> my $parser = new Bio::Tools::Tmhmm(-fh =>$filehandle ); 
> while( my $tmhmm_feat = $parser->next_result ) { 
> #do something 
> #eg 
> push @tmhmm_feat, $tmhmm_feat; 
> } 
> How do I feed a input.txt(containing the proteins as fasta format) to this parser and how do I save the output? 

You need to run TMHMM first, of course. Bio::Tools::Tmhmm only parses
the TMHMM output file and returns an object that you can ask for
Bio::SeqFeature objects. So if you want to run TMHMM on some fasta
files, this module isn't going to do that for you.

Assuming that input.txt contains the TMHMM output,
my $parser = new Bio::Tools:Tmhmm(-file => "input.txt");
will load parse the TMHMM output for you.


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