[Bioperl-l] End of GSoC

Sheena Scroggins sheena.scroggins at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 12:21:07 EDT 2011

I just wanted to give a GIANT thanks to my mentors on the BioPerl project,
Rob Buels and Chris Fields. They helped me tremendously and we made great
progress on the reorganization.

All of the modules we extracted can be found on github at

We used a Dist Zilla plugin bundle, which can also be found there. The steps
used in the process will be outlined on the BioPerl wiki in the upcoming
weeks. The reorganization is off to a great start and by outlining the
workflow I'm hoping others will be able to contribute more easily.

The progress updates were posted at techomics.com during the project,
although they were sporadic. The original outline of the project can be
found there as well.

Thanks again to all the mentors of GSoC, this program wouldn't work without


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