[Bioperl-l] advice about bioperl-ext -- defunct?

Diego M. Vadell dvadell at clustering.com.ar
Tue Mar 15 10:59:20 EDT 2011


 I have just downloaded bioperl-ext from github, and it says "XS-based
BioPerl extensions to C libraries (defunct) — [
https://github.com/bioperl/bioperl-ext#readme]" . I read the readme but it
looks alive ( i.e. no mention of an ending of the project ). 

 I installed it ( adding "-fPIC" in the 3 Makefile.PLs ) and I'm about to
start using it. But, does is it still maintained? Is it still in use?
Recommended for a new project? I don't mind fixing compilation errors, but
maybe there is a new package that superseded it. Maybe I'm downloading it
from the wrong place.

 -- Diego

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