[Bioperl-l] seqIO.pm

Rondon Neto rondonbio at yahoo.com.br
Mon Nov 21 12:31:21 EST 2011

Hi! try this script:

use warnings;
use strict;
use Bio::SeqIO;

if (!$ARGV[0]) { die "\n### USAGE::: perl $0 [file.fastq]\n"; }

my $fastq = $ARGV[0];

my $in = Bio::SeqIO->new( -file => $fastq,
                          -format => 'fastq' );

my $out = Bio::SeqIO->new ( -file => ">out.phd",
                            -format=> 'phd');

while (my $seq = $in->next_seq()) {


Best wishes,
Rondon, a brazilian friend.

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Assunto: Re: [Bioperl-l] seqIO.pm
On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 1:07 AM, Nathan Taylor <zntayl at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>   Can SeqIO.pm convert a file of fastq reads into .phd files. Or,
> barring that, a file of fastas and file of quals into .phd files?
> Many thanks,
> Nathan

In principle that is possible (e.g. Biopython can do fastq to phd).
Have you tried using BioPerl's SeqIO to do this? Was there an
error message?


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