[Bioperl-l] Fwd: blast result not matching.

Manju Rawat manju.rawat2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 02:11:12 EDT 2011

Toady i installed the latest version of bioperl in my system via CPAN..
But this still not sowing the complete result..

I just want to do nucleotide blast using bioperl..but while i am doing blast
with my sequence it shwowing very samll result..
I dnt know whether it is wrong or right...but while i am blasting the same
sequence in NCBI it showing a diffrent result..

and i have also tried to use the orignl module..but it also dnt work..

Pl see reult of the balst in  attached file of this mail..
#!usr/bin/perl -w
use Bio::Perl;
use Bio::SearchIO;
$blast_report =blast_sequence('acggctgctgtagatctgatgct');

Manju Rawat
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