[Bioperl-l] RFC: Refactoring the Hyphy module

Daisie Huang daisieh at zoology.ubc.ca
Mon Aug 27 16:05:53 EDT 2012

I've been playing around in the guts of the Hyphy module in bioperl-run, and it strikes me that a lot of the code in the modules is redundant and could be refactored to streamline things and fix some crashes I've been seeing in the test code. Generally, my coding philosophy is to mess with things as little as possible because of the possibility of unintentional side effects, but sometimes a refactor will be beneficial going forward, especially if it doesn't affect the API. What is the group policy on such things? Should I go ahead and attempt it on a branch, make the pull request, and see if anyone has a problem with the code? 

Daisie Huang, PhD
Rm 318, Beaty Biodiversity Centre
Department of Botany
University of British Columbia

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