[Bioperl-l] `get_feature_by_name` not working after migrating to Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store from a Bio::DB::GFF backend

Scott Cain scott at scottcain.net
Wed Feb 1 11:26:36 EST 2012

Hi Vivek,

I responded to your original email and I suspect you may have missed
it.  I'll copy it below.  Another few things: how does $locus get
populated?  Are you sure what you expect to be there is?

Also, to answer your question about the other bioperl modules you're
using: no, I don't think that's interfering.


Hello Vivek,

In your GFF3, you don't have any features of class "Gene".  In GFF2,
the class was the text string that started the ninth column, like

chr2   .  gene    30427563    30429139    .   -   .  Gene 35804

where the class would be Gene and the name (also called group) would
be 35804.  Class is not a particularly well defined concept in GFF3,
so the easiest way to restore functionality to your script is to
change the call from this:

 my ($locus_obj) = $gff_dbh->get_feature_by_name('Gene' => $locus);

to this:

 my ($locus_obj) = $gff_dbh->get_features_by_name(-name => $locus,
-type => 'gene');

I believe (though haven't tested it myself in a very long time) that
you can embed class in the name of the feature, like this:

chr2  .  gene    30427563    30429139    .   -   .  Name=Gene:Medtr2g097580

which may or may not be easier, depending on your data and your code base.


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:50 AM, Vivek Krishnakumar
<vivekkrishnakumar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Lincoln,
> Thanks very much for your suggestions. Not sure how the single quotation
> marks appeared around the $locus variable. But looks like it was only in
> the email. Fortunately did not have quotes around the variable in my
> original code.
> Now, when I switch over to 'get_features_by_name()', my script does not run
> to completion.
> I want to mention that this snippet of code is part of a larger CGI script
> that interfaces with the SeqFeature backend DB. When I modify the function
> call to $gff_dbh->get_features_by_name($locus), the script just runs
> indefinitely and returns absolutely nothing. I did put in a warn statement
> to see if the correct locus ID is being passed to the function (I am able
> to see the warning message in my apache error log), which seems to be fine.
> But the moment it reaches the function call step, the CGI script freezes up
> and I am unable to do anything. It just ends up as a rogue process owned by
> the 'daemon' user and continues to use up a lot of memory.
> I am using the following BioPerl modules in this CGI script:
> use Bio::SeqIO;
> use Bio::SearchIO;
> use Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store;
> use Bio::SeqFeature::Generic;
> use Bio::Graphics;
> use Bio::Graphics::Feature;
> Could any of these be interfering with get_features_by_name()?
> Thank you.
> Vivek
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