[Bioperl-l] YAPC::NA & BioPerl

Fields, Christopher J cjfields at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 17 10:47:29 EST 2012

On Feb 17, 2012, at 9:30 AM, Fields, Christopher J wrote:

> On Feb 17, 2012, at 8:45 AM, Hilmar Lapp wrote:
>> On Feb 17, 2012, at 8:02 AM, Leon Timmermans wrote:
>>> I think that's be an excellent idea. Anything that would bring the
>>> bioinformatics community closer to the open source community would be a
>>> good thing; they often seem rather absent at conferences and the like in my
>>> experience.
>> +1 
>> I agree very much. Attending the pure open-source conferences has been a challenge for me, frankly - I've wanted to go to YAPC::NA or OSCON for years, but finding both the time and budget among the science conferences that I more or less have to attend already is real difficult. I'd imagine that others face similar challenges. So any efforts at cross-fertilization are good.
>> 	-hilmar
> Yes, this is a significant problem for me as well (not to mention the constraints I have in my current job), so committing to anything right now is a bit tricky.  
> I do think a 'warts-and-all' bioperl talk would be good, mainly to emphasize the point that we do cover a lot of graound in the toolkit but that there are definitely areas that could be improved within the code, the distribution, etc.  A mini version of this could also be used at BOSC I suppose.
> chris

Reread that and it gives a more positive expectation than I realized.  I just want to re-emphasize the bit above about committing so everyone's expectations are tempered; I am really constrained on time commitments (particularly those involving travel) until fall.  However, I fully support anyone giving a talk at YAPC, though, and I can help out in whatever way possible, including coding.  


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