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JT Smith admin at yapcna.org
Fri Feb 17 13:51:36 EST 2012

I'm also going to get a PDL track started at YAPC. I'll be announcing that next week.

JT Smith
Director, YAPC::NA 2012


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On Feb 17, 2012, at 11:20 AM, David Mertens wrote:

> Hey folks -
> I would really like to see BioPerl have a presence at YAPC. For what it's
> worth, I have submitted a couple of talks about PDL at YAPC this year, one
> of them being an introduction to PDL. Even if the talk isn't accepted, I
> will be more than happy to meet up with anybody who has questions about
> PDL. As for BioPerl at YAPC, I know very little about BioPerl but would
> really like to learn more. I would be *thrilled* if somebody could give a
> min-workshop! This would make for a very scientific YAPC: an intro to PDL
> *and* an intro to BioPerl. :-D
> David
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