[Bioperl-l] Update: call for Google Summer of Code project ideas

Robert Buels rbuels at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:24:59 EST 2012

Hi all,

As kindly pointed out by Reece Hart, the previous email I sent out 
calling for Google Summer of Code project ideas, had the wrong due date 
for project ideas in it.

I actually want them to all be in place by Friday, March 2, which is 
this coming Friday.

== Instructions for Wiki Editing ==

For each of the OBF projects that wants to do GSoC again this year, please:

a.) Update the list of project ideas on your project's GSoC page 
(BioPython, BioPerl, BioRuby, etc).  Add new ones, remove ones that have 
already been done or no longer relevant, etc.

b.) Update the list of project ideas on the main OBF GSoC page 
(http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code) to match.

c.) Let me know via email that you have done so and it's ready for 
Google to peruse.

== end instructions ==

Again, please have the updates done by this Friday (March 2). The number 
and quality of the project ideas are part of the evaluation process for 
whether OBF is accepted as a Summer of Code organization again this 
year, so let's come up with some good ones.  :-)


Robert Buels
(prospective) 2012 OBF GSoC Organization Admin

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