[Bioperl-l] Moving to Moose hackathon

Kjetil Kjernsmo kjetil at kjernsmo.net
Tue Jun 26 10:06:59 EDT 2012


Oslo.pm is organizing a hackathon from August 25th to 30th at Preikestolen 
Mountain Lodge:


I'm sorry that I didn't think about the Bioperl community earlier, as we 
officially closed registration yesterday, but we are unofficially able to 
accept registrations another two days. :-) 

The main reason why I think it might interest the Bioperl community is that 
we will do a major reengineering of the RDF code to bring it on the top of 
the Moose object system. In particular, we will try to create a much more 
flexible system to better exploit high-performance triple stores.

For those who have corporate sponsorships, there are professional tickets, 
we hope that those who can afford one buys one to support the rest of the 

For members of the community, there are these discount codes:
    Community653cabin3   (Share a 3-bed room, cabin, 653 EUR)
    Community782cabin2   (Share a 2-bed room, cabin, 782 EUR)
    Community938cabin1   (Your own room, cabin, 938 EUR)
    Community955hotel3   (Share a 3-bed room, hotel, 955 EUR)
    Community1040hotel2  (Share a 2-bed room, hotel, 1040 EUR)
    Community1300hotel1  (Your own room, hotel, 1300 EUR)

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Kjetil Kjernsmo
PhD Research Fellow, University of Oslo, Norway
Semantic Web / SPARQL Query Federation
kjetil at kjernsmo.net           http://www.kjetil.kjernsmo.net/

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