[Bioperl-l] downloading genbank records for NT_ accessions with SNPs Features Added by NCBI

husamia ammar.husami at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 15:54:19 EDT 2012

Dear community,

I am new user of bioperl and I am need of help. I searched but I could
not find my answer in the help documents of bioperl.

Is it possible to download NT_ accession.version records using bioperl
including SNPs features added by NCBI? Please read the senario as this
is specific and not sure if its implemented

for example here is senario. Here is how to download the records from
the website
go to the URL for this record
on the right hand side under customize view menu select checkbox
"Features added by NCBI 1236766 SNPs" then click ok "Update View"
The records is retrieved.

Can bioperl perform the same task?

Thank you

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