[Bioperl-l] Query and development of pattern search tool in metabolomics

bilal nizamibilal1064 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 15:06:34 EDT 2012

i am bilal  from india. I am doing m. tech in bioinformtics. I am very
much interested in bio perl project. I have been learning Perl and
bioperl. I like the idea of "Perl Run Wrappers for External Programs
in a Flash" but as i am new to the google summer of code, i dont know
mentor organisation expect what from student.?

further  i have a idea which we can work out for this Google summer of
code.  currently i am working in a project "development of database
for patterns in metabolomics ". Here strategy is that we will create a
library of metabolome and there concentration, associated disease and
other properties. It will be connected to the front end using perl
script. here we can develop a tool for extracting  the meaning full
patterns in metabolomics.



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