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A now defunct project which descibed a CORBA layer for objects in bioinformatics like Sequences, Features, and Alignments. There are implementations in the BioPerl, BioJava, and BioPython projects which at one point could inter-operate. However no real product was ever built with it - although it was almost finished to be contributed as one implementation of the LSR OMG standard for an RFC (and we fail to remember what it was called). Another web service technology, SOAP appears to be the dominant way to interoperate objects across servers so maybe there will be a BioSOAP one day?

OBF/Ian Holmes failed to renew the domain name in case you see anything funny at it is not OBF content any more.

Back in the day, Jason Stajich, Ewan Birney (BioPerl), Martin Senger, Alan Robinson (EBI servers), Brad Chapman (BioPython), and Thomas Down (BioJava) all worked on the project.

See also BioMoby.

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