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Bioperl Server Details

As of July 1999 was running on a 600Mhz alpha machine donated by Bioinformatics Solutions Center at Compaq Computer Corporation. The system consisted of a Personal Workstation 600a with 128MB, 2 x 4 Gb internal wide-scsi drives and a DDS-3 DAT drive. We were running Redhat 5.2/Alpha at this time.

The system was located in Cambridge, Massachusetts with physical hosting space and upstream connectivity provided by Genetics Institute.

Pw600a 2.jpg

Bioperl Museum and Hall of Fame

Our first system was attached to a small home LAN located in Chris Dagdigian's apartment. It was an old Digital i486 PC that was scavenged from a dumpster. With 64MB memory and a 2 gig disk the system was a perfectly acceptable Linux box and platform for HTTP/FTP/SSH etc.

Racked at Chris's Apt

You can see it on the right side of the bottom shelf in the following pictures. The other boxes in the picture are a Pentium clone running WinNT and the Lyris Email ListServer and a PowerComputing MacOS clone that did mail and DNS for some non-bioperl domains.

Racked at Chris's Apt

The internet connection was ISDN (56K data-over-voice) line hooked up to a Netopia PN735 ISDN router and a small NetGear ethernet hub.

All in all the poor little i486 performed wonderfully and deserves to be initated into the BioPerl hall of fame :)


We now have a much more modern setup with a separate anonymous CVS server, a websever (portal), and a code repository called pub (to be renamed code).

Pub and newPortal
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