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Wiki Media Help

Wikipedia help on editing provides a very comprehensive background on mediawiki tags and syntax.

Helper programs

There are some ways to use external editors and have additional helper toolbars in your code. Wikipedia:Text editor support has information. For Firefox users there is an wikipedia extension which installs a toolbar.

WWW::Mediawiki::Client is a perl module for checking in and out text from mediawiki so you can edit locally.

Style guidelines

References to modules should be in the Module namespace so to make a link to Bio::SeqIO you need to make a link that looks like


The {{ }} is a macro in Wikipedia. The part before the | is the name of the macro and the part after that is the name of the modules. A similar template exists for CPAN module use {{CPAN|MODULENAME}}

More details in the style guide.

Interwiki linking

To link to Wikipedia just add the prefix wp: to the word. The wp: will show up in the link name unless you specifically specify the display name. For example, to link the wikipedia entry on Bioinformatics you would use this


Everything after the | is the text that will be displayed as the link's name.

Biblio (extension)

Biblio wiki plugin allows one to use some simple codes to link to pubmed article

For example

  A citation <cite>coolpmid</cite>.
  Two citations <cite>somebook coolpmid</cite>.
  === A bibliography for testing ===
  #somebook John Smith. ''The art of saying nothing''. Verbose Editions 1999.
  #coolpmid pmid=12345678 This is a very interesting PMID

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