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Keeping things in sync

I feel like we need to do a centralized template for these Bio::Index:: modules that can just be included, otherwise this general information is going to get out of sync. More generally I'm concerned that having a page for every module that people are not going to make doc changes when code changes are also made...but that is a harder one to deal with, for these related pages I think we should have a generalized central page which can be included for all of them. --jason stajich

When you say "template" do you mean a Wiki one? I am concerned that POD and Wiki will become inconsistent too. Although this may not be a serious problem, as POD and Code often do without serious consequences? It would be great if "we" link mailing list thread to these Wiki pages. --Torsten 19:14, 1 January 2006 (EST)


What I mean is we should probably have a Template:Bio::Index which can contain all the text which is listed on these pages and has been copy+pasted. I really worry when a lot text like that is replicated on these pages that it will actually get updated.

In contrast with Bio::SeqIO where we have grouped the general documentation about the system in one page, then in my mind it doesn't necessarily make sense to put that in a template and replicate it to all the sub-classes, but just make sure that Bio::SeqIO::genbank has a link to Bio::SeqIO.

Does that sound okay? If it does then we should just scrape text out of one of the Bio::Index modules, make it a template and then replace the text on these pages with the template.

--jason stajich 12:47, 3 January 2006 (EST)

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