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Here are a few logos, feel free to comment on the talk page and upload your own.

BioPerl logos

Simple ones.

  1. BioperlLogo2.png -- This is too large
  2. Bioperl-name.png Just the name as a logo
  3. BioperlLogo3.png This is tongue in cheek, bioperl-as-duct-tape
  4. BioperlLogo7.png Try again with transparent background -- This is the right size and has transparent background
  5. BioPerlLogo8.png Tseemann #1
  6. BioPerlLogo9.png Tseemann #2
  7. BioPerlLogo10.png Tseemann #3
  8. BioPerlLogo11.png Tseemann #4
  9. BioPerlLogo12.png Circle rather than oval? Alter colors? Brian O.
  10. BioPerlLogo13.png What about this idea, the overlaps? Disregard the colors, easy to change these... Brian O.
  11. BioPerlLogo14.png
  12. BioPerlLogo15.png Since I made this one I'm not averse to saying I don't like it very much! BIO 14:25, 3 January 2006 (EST)
  13. BioPerlLogo18.png Or this one. Too busy.
  14. BioPerlLogo19.png Torsten suggested ovals, with a P in the overlap. BIO 16:53, 3 January 2006 (EST)
  15. BioPerlLogo20.png Same, with white font.
  16. Bioperlkontra.png A new proposal. I hope you like it. It represents the linking of "bio" with a chain/chip-like structure, networking and structuring our understanding of life. A clear division in color, green=nature, blue=technology using a fresh, award-winning, modern, typeface (kontrapunkt) to communicate technical proficiency, yet human warmth and natural shapes. --Onagar 22:35 GMT, 21 February 2006
  17. Bioperl logo stable.png So far this has been my most 'stable' version. Mauricio
  18. Bioperl logo horizontal v1.png Horizontal format, a variation of Jason's suggestion. New green. Mauricio
  19. Bioperl logo horizontal v2.png Horizontal format as Jason suggested. Bio & Perl separated by the double-helix. New green. Mauricio
  20. Bioperl logo smfont.png Same as the 'stable' version but with smaller font (1/3 less than original size). Jason's idea. New green. Mauricio
  21. Bioperl fonts.png Some fonts: Myriad (Illustrator's default), Arial, Lucida Sans and Gill Sans (as Jason suggested), Bitstream Vera Sans Mono and ZapfHumnst Dm BT (my suggestions). New green. Mauricio

O|B|F and others

  1. Obf-logo.gif New O|B|F logo+slogan. Logo sample for O|B|F logo with slogan --Skhadar 05:18, 6 February 2006 (EST)

Please upload your attempts - ask your artistically minded friends to try too!

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