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The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) or Institut Suisse de Bioinformatique (ISB) brings Swiss experts in bioinformatics together and provides high quality services to the national and international scientific community. Members of the SIB include research groups in Geneva, Lausanne and Basel. The SIB expertise is widely appreciated and its services are used worldwide by researchers in cellular and molecular biology.

The Institute has three missions: research & development, education and service.

- It maintains databases of international standing (Swiss-Prot, Prosite, EPD, Swiss-2Dpage, Human Chromosome 21, TrEST, TrGen, AGBD, Hits, Swiss Model Repository, GermOnline).

- It supplies and develops services for the biomedical research community worldwide by way of software and services that can be accessed from the SIB web servers (ExPASy, Melanie, T-COFFEE, PFTOOLS, ESTScan, Dotlet, SEView, Snp_detect, Mmsearch, Swiss-Model, DeepView/Swiss-PdbViewer, MIMAS).

- It supplies services to the Swiss biomedical research community within the framework of the international network EMBnet and NCCR, the Swiss structural National Center of competence in Research.

- It undertakes specific research and development activities related to the databases and software developed within the Institute.

- Together with the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and Basel, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and two private partners, Hewlett Packard Inc. and Intel Corp., the SIB is contributing to the creation of a molecular bioinformatics service, backed by a high-performance informatics platform (Vital-IT).

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