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TMHMM -- TransMembrane prediction using Hidden Markov Models -- is a program for predicting transmembrane helices based on a hidden Markov model. It reads a FASTA formatted protein sequence and predicts locations of transmembrane, intracellular and extracellular regions.

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Example "long" output

# COX2_BACSU Length: 278
# COX2_BACSU Number of predicted TMHs:  3
# COX2_BACSU Exp number of AAs in TMHs: 68.6888999999999
# COX2_BACSU Exp number, first 60 AAs:  39.8875
# COX2_BACSU Total prob of N-in:        0.99950
# COX2_BACSU POSSIBLE N-term signal sequence
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        inside       1     6
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        TMhelix      7    29
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        outside     30    43
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        TMhelix     44    66
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        inside      67    86
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        TMhelix     87   109
COX2_BACSU        TMHMM2.0        outside    110   278 


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